9/14/2022: Moving from Weebly! Haven't done HTML coding since Neopets so please be patient with me! Lots of things are placeholders atm

I've been a fan of Pokemon since the beginning, but I sort of fell out sometime between gen 3 and 4. I (regretfully) sold off a lot of my Pokemon items at the time.

I hopped back into Pokemon right before Gen 5 was announced. When Oshawott was first revealed in 2010, I knew right away that it would be my starter. It broke my heart to hear that people thought it was ugly, but that is okay, I can supply Oshawott with all the love it needs! I purchased a few plushes, but I really began making a collection when my family and friends bought me many different Oshawott merchandise for my birthday!

I discovered the Pkmncollectors community around 2015 and was really able to start my collection. Since then, Oshawott has been my all-time favorite Pokemon, and my collection has been growing strong! I'm gonna need more room! I have a few pieces of Dewott and Samurott merch, but I primarily collect Oshawott!

I want this site to catalog my collection, but also to help others see what merch is available if they want to seek out something for their own!